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A drop of water Can

bloom the whole world green

Hydrobloom is a startup that evangelises
a revolutionary path to sustainable green progress


A Green shot at farming

  • • Drought conditions
  • • Unpredictable Climate
  • • Rising temperatures
  • • Pollution of rivers.
  • • Drying up of water sources both in
    ground as well as on-ground.
  • • Lack of irrigation water due to lack of
  • Poor water management

Need for an Innovative
Sustainable method for







is the answer ming

  • • No soil is needed for hydroponics
  • • The water stays in the system &reused
  • • Possible to control the nutrition levels
    in their entirety
  • • No nutrition pollution is released into
    the environment
  • • Stable and high yields
  • • Pests & diseases are easier to get rid
    of than in soil becoz’ of the
    container’s mobility
  • • Ease of harvesting
  • • No pesticide damage
  • • Plants grow healthier .


The word was derived from the Greek words, HYDRO (water), and PONOS (labor), literally, “water working”.


The word was derived from the Greek words, HYDRO (water), and PONOS (labor), literally, “water working”.

Its in the Air!!! Bengaluru one of most polluted cities

There is a GENUINE NEED for FRESH AIR!!!

Bangalore has ranked second in the list of most polluted cities in India as far as air pollution is concerned, as per a survey.
The Garden City has 14% of school-going children suffering because of air pollution

There is a GENUINE NEED for FRESH AIR!!!

Every breath we take

Harmful chemicals that impact quality of air we breathe

Effect of Chemicals on Us

Plants that Purify The Air

  • • A NASA research, called, ‘NASA Clean Air Study‘ showed that plants could eliminate a number of dangerous chemicals.
  • • These plants can reduce levels of these chemicals between 50% and 80% within a 24 hour
  • • The research also suggests having at least one plant per 100 square feet of space.

Soaring Vertical Gardens Clean Mexico City’s Air

# ViaVerde Project (Urban Vertical Gardens) includes more than 1,000 columns, 60000 square meters and 27 Kms

  • • Each square meter (10.8 square feet)
    generates a year’s supply of oxygen for one
  • • Removes 130 grams of particulates in air.
  • • A vertical garden on a facade four stories high
    can filter 40 tons of greenhouse gasses and
    process 33 pounds (15 kilograms) of harmful
    heavy metals.
  • • Mitigate Mexico City’s noise an average of 10 decibels

Green Path ahead….

“Lets progress together for a blue & green tomorrow”